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Ramadan Marrakech 2023, March 23 or 24

Morocco and Ramadan: what does it change for tourism?

You are about to fly to Morocco and you just realized that your vacations fall during Ramadan? Don't panic, you can still enjoy your stay during the holy month!

What is Ramadan?

Before starting this article on things to do during Ramadan, it is already necessary to remind us what it is about: every year, during one month, the Muslims do not eat and drink during the day to put themselves in the place of the poor. Alcohol is totally forbidden (day and night) for 30 days, and smoking is not allowed during the day either. At sunset, everyone gathers around the Ftour (breakfast) to break the fast and share a convivial moment. We discuss and play cards. It is a very spiritual month, based on sharing.

As you can see, Ramadan is a rather quiet month. Most stores and restaurants close during the day. And Moroccans are rare in the streets until nightfall. However, it is enough to adapt your planning a little bit to spend an unforgettable stay.

Okay, but everything is closed, right?

Not anymore! Certainly the schedules change, but most of the museums and stores remain open. Ask well beforehand about the opening hours, generally the establishments close earlier in the afternoon, but in the morning everything is open!

Plus, traveling during Ramadan means avoiding tourists!

There are far fewer tourists during the holy month, so you'll have a much more authentic experience! And you'll avoid the long lines, it's a chance to discover the Majorelle Garden and the new Yves Saint Laurent Museum, and without waiting hours to get in 😉

And what about the adventure side?

Want to get off the beaten track and discover Marrakech differently? Book one of our activities: camel ride, quad or buggy tour, mountain bike ride, mountain hike...

During Ramadan, we will be able to book your activities because the Dunes and Desert agency keeps the same schedules until May 31st.

From June 1st, the activities that take place on a whole day are not impacted. However, half-day activities will only take place in the morning (no afternoon session).


Traveling to Morocco during Ramadan is a good plan! You will discover a more authentic Marrakech, emptied of tourists, and take part in the most important month in the Muslim culture. Attending the call to prayer during the breaking of the fast at the foot of the Koutoubia is a very moving moment that you will remember all your life!

And for the meals at the end of fasts (ftour) we will gladly advise you because it is to do.

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