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medersa ben youssef marrakech

medersa ben youssef marrakech

Monuments in Marrakech: the historical school of the medina

Located a few steps from the Ben Youssef mosque, the medersa of the same name is a Koranic school whose architecture is a jewel of Arabo-Andalusian art.

Founded by a sultan in the middle of the 14th century to accommodate up to 900 theology students, it became the most important "medersa" (= "school" in Arabic) in the 16th century. Restored in 1999, this renowned school was still in operation 50 years ago. It is now dedicated to tourist visits.

After passing through the heavy bronze doors, on your left, you will have access to the courtyard, the architectural masterpiece of the school. On the left, you can go to the students' rooms.

In the centre of the courtyard, there is a large and refined marble basin which was used for ablutions. Opposite, there is the prayer hall divided into three parts by imposing columns, also in marble. The magnificent wood carvings and the elegance of the ornaments in these rooms are noteworthy.

Going to the rooms afterwards is quite amusing: there are more than a hundred of them and one can quickly see how small they are. The boarding students, who were not originally from Marrakech, would lay out a mat to sleep on and during the day they would just study with the other students and have their meals.

Beware! The Ben Youyssef Medersa in Marrakech is open to the public again since 20 April 2022. Indeed, under renovation since 2017, we were all waiting for its reopening, it's done!

Entrance fees :

20dhs / adults 10dhs / children

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